Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Wedding Invitation

Last week I received a wedding invitation from one dear friend. It was a lovely one, for sure. The printing was smooth and nice… It’s orange-ish (my favorite color lately :D). And as my friend told me, it was well-concept and designed. But the best part of the invitation for me: the fact that although it’s beautiful; it is still clear, precise, and informational. Nothing too much or wasteful… Unlike those typical pricey-thick-card board-perfumed-wasting tons of wood products-what the hell is it for!-kind of invitation. (He he… So full of rage :D)

One interesting point I got from the whole thing is: the purpose and meaning of an invitation itself.

Not just mere invitation, the shed of paper is a way of showing who the bride, groom, and or their family are; and in some way, their sense of art :D

Some couple designs their invitation really well, and even spends lots of money on it. Some sees it as a rather small part of the whole wedding thing, so it’s not a big thing to fuss about. Either way, it’s each couple’s decision.

Why am I concerned with the whole invitation thingy? Hm, most probably because I’m thinking about one myself :D

So, it kinda made me wonder, why and how my future husband and I are going to create and design our wedding invitation… I think, one bold principle we’re going to hold on is: trying to present it as green as possible…

My plan is… On recycled paper; greenly designed, processed, and delivered; and hopefully most of our guests doesn’t mind receiving it through their e-mails…

Hopefully... Amiin..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Worries

It's kinda hard to admit that I haven't able to do many of the things I believed and preached.
Not able to cycle more to work.
Still use plastic bags from the mart, though only once in a while (usually when doing unplanned shopping).
Still use paper rather recklessly, though always trying to print on both side.
Still consume foods and stuffs which produce so many garbage and waste.
Still sleeping with my lights on (Yup, I kinda freak out when it's totally dark)
But I think my biggest worry is no longer care that I do want to move to a greener life.
I am worried that one day I'll be neglecting the things that I'm believing now...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plastics, anyone?

Today the weather is quite fine though last afternoon rain poured really hard.
Well, at least I can feel sunshine :)

Hear, hear,

about two weeks ago I accompanied my sister to a gift shop (she was looking a present for her friend). While she's searching the most suitable present (according to her budget, haha), I went wandering around in the store.

In one corner I was destined to saw it: a chic and cool shopping bag with big fonts in its front side. "This is not a plastic bag", it says.

God, my green-shopping pasion suddenly arose. I started touching it, feeling its material -which was quite organic and natural-, opening it, and reading its labels. It's typed there that the bag was a part of a campaign from wearewhatwedo.org and reusablebags.com and by buying it I am contributing to their bigger campaigns.

Well, that was temptating.. ; )

But then I read the price tags.. phew.. 75k IDR
Not that expensive, but also not that cheap.
Hm, in the end I decided not to purchase it..

Rethinking of what I did that day, I'm sure that I made the right move.

First, because saving that amount of money is worth it. I can then buy books or something else beside a really cool bag :P

Second, because I believe that green-living doesn't only mean buying products that are environmentally friendly, but also by re-using what we already have (ehm, considering I already have two or three bags of my own :p). That way we can also save some natural resources needed to produce those lovely stuffs (no matter how organic those materials are).

Cheers : )

P.S. By the way, I don't think I would reject if anyone
of you give me that bag as a New Year's gift :D

Monday, December 3, 2007

As If The Sky Speaks To Me

Hello mother earth,
such a warm day today

I've mentioned before how I looove clear blue sky...

Well, now I'm going to reveal my little secret ; )
Yes.. it's true.. I can communicate with the sky.

Umm.. well, maybe not talking to them. But, I'm quite sure I can understand what they're saying.

Come here, get a little bit closer. Let me tell you how I can hear the clouds and the wind whisper.. -and some other times, grumble too-

Here's what I usually do. I stand still in a rather clean-unobstructed space, look up to the sky, and start listening the winds-watching the clouds.

Don't be in a hurry, take your time.
The sky is a delicate creature, they don't move around that much, so be patient when listening to them.

After 3-7 minutes, try to grasp what they're trying to say...
Listen with your heart too, it's the language they use..

Sometimes they're just plain happy. Nothing odd and fishy, just trying to pass the day. When this is their emotion then you can tell that the weather won't change much that day.

Some other time they're a little bit worry and anxious. The winds stomp here and there, carrying bunch of clouds from here to there. Then chubby greyish clouds starting to join the club. If this happen, don't hope so much to the sky. They tend to change their plans really quick..

Some less often, big black bulky clouds dominate the conversation.. The winds suddenly become quite, waiting for further progress of the situations.. If they THEN got emotional and starting thinking to "talk it over with".. hmm.. then a big rain might just come over where you are.

Anyway, that's just me... Pretending to listen to the sky..
But hey, no matter what I always try to enjoy what they're saying.
It helps me to get by with my own life : ]

Love you Mother Earth,
send my hug to the sky

Monday, November 26, 2007

This Kind of November

Selamat pagi bumi seisinya : )

- Good Morning lovely earth-

You know, I really love this kind of November..
It's quite shiny and the sky is light blue-just clear enough..
Yes, there are streaks of clouds here and there but over all it's wonderful.

I know I'm not supposed to be grateful because it isn't raining in November, but hey, you can't hate me for being a sunshine-lover ; )

But of course, I do feel concern of how the weather isn't working like it should be. Farmers are puzzled on when exactly should they start planting; even the plants are confused.

This is November
with not enough rain